+ Slotted and backside plates for diaphragms
+ Grate bars
+ Hammers
+ Wheels for bridge cranes
+ Blades for shredders
+ Hammers for shredders
+ Rotor disks
+ Plates for mills
+ Spacers
+ Flame cut products


The plates are obtained from heat-treated rolled steel in thickness 30mm. 40mm. 50mm. 60mm. 70mm.
The advantages against the plates made out of cast alloy are:

  • no need of patterns (cost saving and major flexibility)
  • higher toughness thanks to rolling mill process made in longitudinal and cross-sectional transversal  sense of the ingot
  • no breakages and no clogging and no balls transfer between the chambers
  • efficient use of the plates up to a residual thickness of 8-10mm.

The plates are oxygen cut and machined using  CNC machines to guarantee smallest tolerances and precision according to the original drawings.
The slot shapes are CNC machined
Bolt holes machined in different shapes and studied to prevent premature loosening.
Special Chrome alloy steel plates are available in case of higher wear .
The plates are uniformly heat treated
The hardenability  is obtained using mish-metal alloyed steel.
 The fastening bolts can be supplied if required by customers

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