+ Slotted and backside plates for diaphragms
+ Grate bars
+ Hammers
+ Wheels for bridge cranes
+ Blades for shredders
+ Hammers for shredders
+ Rotor disks
+ Plates for mills
+ Spacers
+ Flame cut products


“The Bridge crane” is sure one of the most diffuse apparatuses of lifting and transport in the industrial field. We cannot think to a steel plant, or raw material park or cement plants without bridge cranes.  Independently from the dimensions of bridge crane the efficiency and duration of wheels must be emphasized.

The bridge crane wheels  constitute an element of fundamental importance. They must assure not only the maneuverability but guarantee a high degree of reliability and efficiency in the time.

CO.DI.TRA produces the wheels for bridge cranes by using a rich range of steels with particular chemical-physical composition suiting the diverse types of duties and stress. The wheels manufactured with such steels are subjected, according to the requirements, to different heat-treatments aimed to make the wheels not only reliable but particular wear and rupture resisting.
The differential quenching treatment can guarantee the hardening depth just over 15mm.
The particularity of this heat treatment is to guarantee not only a high hardening depth (absolute guarantee against “shelling” but  a state of rolling compression stress. Such condition prevents the primer of breakings and in any case the diffusion of fatigue defects. This is the reason why the wheels are called “indefatigable”.
The wheels are manufactured according to the design and on demand we make the shrinking-on the shaft.

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