+ Slotted and backside plates for diaphragms
+ Grate bars
+ Hammers
+ Wheels for bridge cranes
+ Blades for shredders
+ Hammers for shredders
+ Rotor disks
+ Plates for mills
+ Spacers
+ Flame cut products


CO.DI.TRA produces hardened alloy hammers. The conventional hammers produced using Manganese steel have good ductility, but these cannot develop higher hardness under normal working conditions. The result is a faster wear. We have studied different type of alloy steels according to the exigencies. Using proprietary heat treatments process we can obtain hammers with whole core hardness or softer hardness near the bore and harder impact working part. The best compromise  is achieved by suitable heat treatment of hammers in order to ensure adequate ductility.
The advantages are:

  1. good wear resistance
  2. good impact resistance
  3. no danger of developing ovalization at shank
  4. possibility of adapting varied hardness according to the application of the hammers.

As for the plates the hammers are made using pre-heated rolled steel plates obtained from ingots vacuum degassed, in different thickness.
No patterns are required. The hammers are CNC machined.
With customer we can study changements in shapes and steels.

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