CO.DI.TRA. is a company that offers products in special steels and highly specialized services for cement applications and recycling field.
Passion and family dimension mixed with research, development and innovation, are CO.DI.TRA.’s recipe. The study of Customer’s needs leads us to submit tailor made solutions.



A continuous innovation concurs to up-to- date our technologies aimed to improve the service to the customer, thanks to our know- how and flexibility we look to the future side by side to our customers and suppliers, guaranteeing continuity and availability. To fulfil the requirements we put all our acquaintance in order to solve ad hoc the most varied problems.


CO.DI.TRA was founded in 1983 to produce wear resistant parts for Cements Plants. Its founder Luigi Tiscornia, fort of his own long lasting experience and competence matured in important Italian and foreign siderurgical groups and thanks to his visionary approach, worked to develop new types of steels suitable to be used in different fields where is necessary an optimum trade-off between wear resistance and toughness.

In 1990 CO.DI.TRA S.r.l. starts the production of mould and tools steel plates. The quality, point of force of the company, contributed to create a valid truth on the Italian market.

In 1999 CO.DI.TRA. moved in the new plant in Cerete (BG).

In 2000, CO.DI.TRA. brought steel plates production to Breno, in a new company ADAMELLO STEEL S.p.A., that provides moulds and tools steels, quenching steels and medium-high alloy steel plates.

In 2015, the heat treatment department was completely reorganized, with new quenching tanks and control systems, as well as a complete reorganization of the pertinent areas to improve logistics and production flows.

New markets or simply new investments in machineries or production plants are yearly goals reached and consolidated.


CO.DI.TRA gives importance to quality and safety assurance, carefully monitored by severe checking and testing, during all processing phases.

CO.DI.TRA diligently follows developments in Italian and international standards regarding quality, environments, safety and keeps its own system constantly up-to-dated. Our commitment is the respect of the principles based on sustainability, the environment and creating more value for the community in which we operate.

The aim is to produce more with less, not only to improve our competitiveness, but at the same time to reduce the environmental footprint, also with long-term strategies.